Country Star Mindy McCready Dead At 37! Suicide After Very Troubled Life!

Posted by: | Feb. 17, 2013 at 8:52 p.m.

I first met Mindy McCready when she was a fresh-faced 20 year old Country star who’s career took off like a rocket when she hit Nashville, signed with a record company, and her first album “10,000 Angels” went double platinum, and produced 4 big singles, including 2 number ones, on the country charts in 1996! But 3 albums and 17 years later, her life & career looked like a bad country song and her name had made the front page headlines of every tabloid there was! Everything from a reputed affair with baseball star Roger Clemens since she was 16, drugs, alcohol, broken relationships, charges of identity theft, violating her parole, child custody battles, even a sex tape littered the pages of her bio at this point. The final straw appeared to be the suicide just a month ago of her record producer boyfriend, David Wilson. And now Sunday night, Mindy McCready is dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after she had killed her dog, in the exact same spot her boyfriend took his life a month ago. Her 2 children had been taken away by her parents for their safety as Mindy sank deeper & deeper into drugs, alcohol & depression after her boyfriend’s death. Her song “10,000 Angels” seems somewhat prophetic in retrospect!

Here’s my brief 1996 interview with an excited 20 year old Mindy McCready who’s career was just taking off & setting the Country Music world on fire! Click to listen Charlie Tuna 1996 interview with Mindy McCready

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