Disney Icon Annette Funicello Loses Her Battle With MS At Age 70 Monday!

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My first in-person meeting with Annette Funicello was back in the 70′s at Dick Clark’s Malibu Beach house home at a party on the beach, and there Annette was, standing next to her co-star in all those beach party movies, Frankie Avalon! Frankie had visited with me in studio a couple of times before that, but seeing Annette in-person as Dick Clark introduced us there on the sand was surreal after seeing her beach party movies, and having Frankie right there too! Couldn’t have been a better moment ever in my radio career up to then, with 3 of the nicest people in the entertainment business standing there under the Malibu moonlight with the Pacific Ocean waves crashing on the beach and an opportunity for me to talk to the girl every boy who grew up back then had a crush on! Click on the video for a CNN capsule of her life & career, and then click on the links below for a couple of clips from the last phone interview I had with Annette on January 15, 1988. As I posted on Facebook Monday, she was one of the nicest and most kind people I have ever met, and you’ll hear that coming through in these interview clips below, and certainly one of the most beautiful people ever, inside & out!

Charlie Tuna talks with Annette Funicello 1-15-1988 – Part 1

Charlie Tuna talks with Annette Funicello 1-15-1988 – Part 2

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2 Responses to “Disney Icon Annette Funicello Loses Her Battle With MS At Age 70 Monday!”

  1. sherry says:

    Charlie, those were wonderful interviews you had with her, and loved your story and fond memory of this very gracious lady who we all loved and will so miss.

  2. George Blake says:

    For having MS and living to 70, that shows a lot of will power. God bless her. She wasn’t part of my generation but she was part of my Sister’s and Brother’s. I still remember my Sister playing “Indian Giver”.

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