Jeff Daniels Shares An SNL Story Of Getting “Plastered” By Makeup Artist !

Posted by: | Jan. 25 at 12:11 a.m.

Jeff Daniels tells Jimmy about the terrifying six-hour ordeal he went through after a makeup artist at Saturday Night Live accidentally applied plaster to his face instead of a face mold the night before he hosted.


Sneaky People! Just How Many Are There Here, 12 or 13? Just Watch!

Posted by: | Jan. 24 at 10:56 p.m.

There’s also the perpetually ascending staircase! How can this man be going up all the time?


Snowdiving Trend Shows Up Online, People Making The Most Of Blizzard!

Posted by: | Jan. 24 at 8:16 p.m.

Storm Jonas: Bizarre snowdiving trend takes off as people make most of freak blizzard. Thousands of Americans are stripping off and joining in a new online trend sparked by the massive blizzard that has battered the US East Coast. Countless ‘snow diving’ clips have appeared online in recent days, showing intrepid people donning nothing but swimming costumes and diving headfirst into thick blankets of icy snow. One of the most popular videos features swimmer Courtney Marie wearing a black swimming costume diving gracefully into a deep blanket of powder in her back garden. The snow is so deep that she disappears almost entirely beneath the surface, with only the tips of her toes visible.


Tina Fey Back On SNL Impersonating Sarah Palin Endorsing “Donald Trump”!

Posted by: | Jan. 24 at 11:39 a.m.

Sarah Palin (Tina Fey) endorses Donald Trump (Darrell Hammond) for president at an Iowa campaign stop.


15 Things That Inevitably Happen To You When You Work In An Office!

Posted by: | Jan. 23 at 11:52 p.m.

This is your life. 15 things that inevitably happen when you work in an office.