Looking for New Year’s Resolutions for 2015? Try These, You’ll Be Fine!

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13 Things You Could Swear They Are True, But Surprise, None Of Them Are!

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If you hear something often enough and share or repeat it with others, the information is interpreted as actually true! You never knew it wasn’t, until you watched this video! Go ahead, take a look, I dare you:)


Annual Consumer Electronics Show In Las Vegas January 6-9 Video Preview!

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From the infotainment battle between Apple and Google to the next level in wearables, see the technologies that will go from the Consumer Electronics Show to a store near you.

Below is an in-depth discussion of just some of the thousands of products you’ll see at the 2015 annual Consumer Electronics Show with Lindsey Turrentine, VP & Editor-in-Chief of Reviews for CNET, and Brian Tong, Senior Editor & Host for CNET, as they sit with Gary Shapiro, President & CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, producers of the International CES, and discuss what’s coming to #CES2015 including trends, innovation and more!


ESPN Sports Anchor Stuart Scott Dead Sunday Morning From Cancer At 49!

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Stuart Scott, a longtime anchor at ESPN, died Sunday morning at the age of 49. It was his 3rd bout fighting cancer that finally took him. He inspired his colleagues with his talent, his work ethic, his personality and his devotion to his daughters Taelor, 19, and Sydni, 15. This video of his ESPN sports legacy says it all!
Below, ESPN anchor Hannah Storm breaks down in tears over reporting Stuart Scott’s death Sunday morning!

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For Parents Everywhere Who Have A New Elsa Doll In The Home, Let It Go!

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I’m sure parents & their children everywhere who have seen the “Frozen” movie 6 zillion times by now, and have heard “Let It Go” more times than that may not want to hear it even one more time, but take a look at the little guy in this video and enjoy it all over again!