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Texting & Driving Results In Another Sad Story Of What Can Happen NEXT!

Nov 02, 2014 No Comments by

The story of how a mother’s daughter Liz’s car accident from texting while driving changed their lives forever. If you get a text, don’t look at it while you’re driving. It’s not worth it.

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After The Time Change, You Better Reset Your Internal Body Clock Too!

Nov 01, 2014 No Comments by

This weekend’s time change is going to affect your body’s Circadian Rhythms– It’s a fancy name for our body’s internal clock. And like it or not, they dictate so much of what we do and how we feel. Anthony Carboni looks at why we have them and how they work.

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Happy Halloween! 2014 Thriller House Light Show Plus “Frozen” Characters!

Oct 30, 2014 No Comments by

After you’re done checking out this Halloween Light Show 2014, Michael Jackson, Thriller in Naperville, Illinois, take a look at the characters in the Frozen movie performing to Thriller too!

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Girl Wakes Up After Wisdom Teeth Removal & Wants To Be Nicki Minaj!

Oct 29, 2014 No Comments by

Jayci Underwood wants to be Nicki Minaj so bad and be BFF with Ellen DeGeneres after waking up from wisdom teeth removal! ALmost 3 million views in the first week!

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Family Watchdog Is A National Sex Offender Registry With Free Access!

Oct 29, 2014 No Comments by is a national sex offender registry that lists all registered sex offenders in the United States. People are increasingly worried that their children might live near a sex offender. Thanks to, you can input your street address and find sex offenders that live in your area, including photos, addresses, physical description, and their […]

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Jimmy Kimmel Takes A Great Idea To Billionaire Investors Of “SharkTank”!

Oct 28, 2014 No Comments by

Jimmy Kimmel is always on the lookout for the next big business opportunity, so recently he teamed up with Guillermo and they made a pitch together on SharkTank! They hoped their really great idea would be invested in by some billionaire on the show, so they took it to the place where great concepts become […]

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Russian Car Dash Cams Catch More Close Calls Than You Can Count!

Oct 28, 2014 No Comments by

In Russia, chances are if you’re ever in an accident, someone’s going to catch it on video, because dash cams are pretty common on cars, trucks, buses, anything that’s rolling on the highways & streets to settle insurance claims and who’s at fault instantly! The sheer size of the country, combined with lax — and […]

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Sunday, We Get Back That Hour We Lost In Spring! Who Started All This?

Oct 27, 2014 No Comments by

So who started all this springing ahead and falling back business, losing an hour and then gaining an hour in the fall? Check out this tutorial video on Daylight Saving Time!

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Jim Carrey And His Inner Matthew McConaughey In A New Car Ad Series!

Oct 26, 2014 No Comments by

Matthew McConaughey (Jim Carrey) ponders the important questions in life in a new set of commercials on Saturday Night Live that he hosted this past weekend!

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Halloween Treats! Pets Dressed Up & Pumpkin Carving With Your Mouse!

Oct 25, 2014 No Comments by

This is the scariest week of the year coming up, at least for pets! Because they never know how their owners are going to dress them up in costumes or outfits for their trick or treats on Halloween! And now, if you would like to practice carving Pumpkins online and make your own creative designs, […]

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Mysterious lines in the desert and ‘Ghost Cities’ appearing in China!

Oct 24, 2014 No Comments by

Mysterious lines in the Kumtag Desert in northwestern China that have been around for years, take a look at this ‘Google Earth’ composite of strange sightings from space that was uploaded years ago, and you’ll see those same lines in China come up around the 1:52 mark of the video. Even stranger though, are the […]

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Nature Phenomena Rarely Seen By Us, Starlings Sky-Dance Of Survival!

Oct 23, 2014 No Comments by

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo. This is one of the most spectacular nature phenomena known to man. A murmuration consists of thousands of tiny starlings (birds) collectively flying and swirling about. The mesmerizing act is typically seen at the beginning of winter, right before dusk, as the birds look for a place to […]

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