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Unconditional Love! That’s Why God Made Dogs, Saluting Your Best Friend!

Oct 06, 2015 No Comments by

Be they ever so humble, there’s absolutely no one like your dog! An essay dedicated to your best friend!

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Are You Ready In The Future For Your Car To Take You For A Weekend Drive?

Oct 05, 2015 No Comments by

Self-driving cars hitting the road for research, as carmakers and tech companies race to develop the potentially life-saving technology. “We are at probably the largest transformative moment in the history of the automobile,” Mark Rosekind, head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Rosekind says one of the biggest hurdles will be the trust of […]

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25 Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas & The Best Unique Group Costume Ever!

Oct 05, 2015 No Comments by

The Story Of The Best Halloween Group Costume Ever:)

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Jay Leno Loves Cars So Much So, He’s Now An Uber Driver. But….In Disguise!

Oct 03, 2015 No Comments by

To unsuspecting passengers in Los Angeles, their UberBlack driver James had a big surprise for them. See what happened when they found out they were being driven by the famous comedian and car enthusiast, Jay Leno. This Uber stunt left passengers with a story to tell for a lifetime. Jay Leno’s Garage premieres Wednesday, October […]

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Stephen Colbert’s Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars Like Tom Hanks!

Oct 01, 2015 No Comments by

It’s time once again for Stephen to get deep and ask the big questions with an even bigger star, this time it’s Tom Hanks!

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Taylor Swift Keeps Rockin’ Her World Tour & Mick Jagger Keeps On Rolling!

Sep 27, 2015 No Comments by

Taylor Swift did her best rock chic impression to perform The Rolling Stones ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ with Mick Jagger during her Nashville 1989 tour stop. Taylor, 25, introduced the iconic 72-year-old rocker onstage by saying: “He’s one of the greatest entertainers of all time. This person has been knighted for his achievements and […]

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Never Know What You’re Going To See In Traffic While Waiting For A Green!

Sep 23, 2015 No Comments by

Tower to aircraft “Yes, you are cleared for landing on Red Hill Avenue in Irvine, Ca.” Check out the astonished driver with a dash cam when he sees a small plane cruise across the intersection like it’s just another car…(just 4 seconds into the video) The driver then turns the corner to follow this abnormal […]

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Kermit & Miss Piggy Reveal Their Messy Break-Up On Eve Of Muppets TV Show!

Sep 22, 2015 No Comments by

Kermit and Miss Piggy discuss their recent breakup with Jimmy Kimmel and talk about their new TV show, The Muppets!

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Want To Feel Small In Our Universe? A Video Will Show And Blow Your Mind!

Sep 18, 2015 No Comments by

Want to feel small? Very, very small? On a dry lakebed in Nevada, a group of friends build the first scale model of the solar system with complete planetary orbits: a true illustration of our place in the universe.

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Jimmy Kimmel Again Bets Who He Believes Wins Dancing With The Stars!

Sep 15, 2015 No Comments by

Jimmy Kimmel announces who he’s betting on to win the 21st season of “Dancing With The Stars.”

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Angels Of Mercy & With Miss Colorado, You’ll See More Than Just A Nurse!

Sep 14, 2015 No Comments by

Miss Colorado skipped the song and dance in the recent Miss America talent competition and instead talked about nursing. In the end, She may not have won the crown, but won all of America’s hearts in the talent portion of the 2016 Miss America Competition. with the explanation of how she’s more than just a […]

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Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, Donald Trump Interviews A Mirror Reflection!

Sep 12, 2015 No Comments by

Before his interview with Jimmy Fallon last Friday night, Donald Trump interviewed his “reflection” in the mirror!

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