Dr. Oz Shares 7 Secrets To Enjoying A Life Of Health, Happiness & Longevity!

Posted by: | April 9 at 4:01 p.m.

Dr. Mehmet Oz joined TODAY for their “Living to 100” series, saying we should drink two to three cups of black tea or coffee every day, get an extra hour of sleep, and eat a handful of raw nuts daily.


Ladies, Do You Think You’re Beautiful” Or Average? Which Door Will You Do?

Posted by: | April 8 at 11:16 p.m.

So ladies, Would you describe yourself as beautiful? In Dove’s latest film Choose Beautiful, they travel to San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London and Sao Paulo to prove that beauty is a choice – and the power of this choice is in your hands…


NBA All-Star OKC Point Guard Russell Westbrook Gives Away His MVP Car!

Posted by: | April 8 at 9:31 p.m.

The NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder point guard, Russell Westbrook, was named the Most Valuable Player of the 2015 NBA All-Star Game back in February, and received a brand new Kia SUV as part of the car manufacturer’s sponsorship deal with the league. Not bad, but Russell decided to give it to somebody who could really use it. He asked his charitable foundation staff to find someone in the community for whom a new car could literally be a life-changing gift. They found Kerstin Gonzalez, a 19-year-old single mother of two who’s on track to graduate from high school this spring and hopes to pursue higher education while continuing to raise her two boys.


Comedy Legend Stan Freberg Dead At 88 Tuesday At UCLA Medical Center!

Posted by: | April 7 at 6:49 p.m.

Today, April 7th, we lost a comedy legend, Stan Freberg, who passed away at UCLA Medical Center at age 88, where he had been hospitalized earlier for pneumonia! Stan was one of my early hero inspirations that played a huge part in my radio career starting out with his brilliant satirical comedy albums & parodies that created vivid theater of the mind pictures! I always felt I was in the presence of comedy royalty the many times Stan was a guest in my studio, as I loved sharing with the audience Stan’s past performances and brilliant wit that still rings in my ears! The above Federal Budget Revue was a 1982 PBS television special lampooning the federal budget of the United States Of America – a staggering 600 billion dollars at the time.
Stan Freberg

Stan Freberg with me in one of our many studio visits over a 20 year period here in L.A. Below is one of Stan’s biggest comedy records “WUN’ERFUL, WUN’ERFUL” with Stan doing the voice of Lawrence Welk!

Stan Freberg even parodied Rock And Roll with Elvis Presley’s “HEARTBREAK HOTEL”!

One more from Stan! The “DAY-O” Song you sing at all the sporting events! Check out all his brilliant works at https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=stan+freberg%E2%80%9D


God Bless You Stan Freberg! RIP, You made the world a much happier & funnier place!

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How Would It Be If You Got Email In Real Life, Including A Nigerian Prince!

Posted by: | April 7 at 7:54 a.m.

Can you imagine what in would be like if you had Email in Real Life, the sequel to Conference Call in Real Life Start with inboxes full, your boss visiting empty handed to your office because he forgot his attachment, a Nigerian Prince showing up at your office door with a scam, and all the other amenities that show up on your emails. Comedians Tripp & Tyler show you in this video how it would look and sound!


MLB Players Opening Day With Them Reciting “Field Of Dreams” Speech!

Posted by: | April 6 at 2:31 a.m.

Nothing like opening day for Major League Baseball, and a movie treat with a walk down memory lane with MLB players reciting James Earl Jones’ epic “baseball” speech from Kevin Costner’s classic film “Field Of Dreams”!


April 15 Next Week & Who Better For Last Minute Tax Tips Than Gary Busey!

Posted by: | April 5 at 2:54 a.m.

Getting down to the last full week before tax deadline time next Wednesday, April 15, and who better than Gary Busey for some last minute tax tips to avoid an audit from the IRS!


All the things Charlie’s learned about life are from the Easter Bunny!

Posted by: | April 4 at 2:53 a.m.

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This Australian Female Comedy Trio SketchShe Takes You On A Music Ride!

Posted by: | April 3 at 1:51 a.m.

Buckle up as SketchSHE take you for a ride through the ages! (Contains hip thrusting, low riding and head banging…obviously.)


English, The Most Difficult Language In The World! Mitchell Moffit Explains!

Posted by: | April 3 at 12:48 a.m.

So if you speak English, be glad! Because if you had to try to learn it from scratch, you would start to realize just how crazy this language really is when it comes to…well, see for yourself!


Katie Couric Takes A Nasty Fall Down A Flight Of Stairs On April Fool’s Day!

Posted by: | April 2 at 6:25 a.m.

As new CBS late night host James Corden introduces his guests for The Late Late Show on April Fools Day, Katie Couric takes an ugly fall down the stairs of Studio 56.


Ways To Save $$$ With Multiple Uses For Everyday Household Products!

Posted by: | April 2 at 3:46 a.m.

Watching your budget these days and trying to save dollars to make ends meet. Below is a list for multiple uses for common household items to save dollars & get the job done!

1) Toothpaste: Buff a CD/DVD
Apply toothpaste to a cotton ball and wipe the disc. Wash with water afterwards and you’ve got a brand new disc!

2) Cornstarch: Untangle Knots
Sprinkling cornstarch into tough knots, such as shoe laces helps loosen them.

3) Walnut: Buff Dings out of Wood Furniture
Get rid of unsightly scratches and dings on wood furniture by rubbing a walnut on the areas. The blemishes will vanish quickly and your furniture and pocket book will be saved.

4) Rubbing Alcohol: Remove Permanent Marker
Dab the surface that has the permanent marker on it with a cloth or cotton ball covered in rubbing alcohol to make it disappear quickly.

5) Chap stick: Stops Bleeding When Nicked Shaving
Cut yourself shaving? Just swipe some chap stick over the cut to stop that constant bleeding. No more tissue squares!

6) Olive Oil: Make Pets’ Coat Shinier
Add a bit of olive oil to your pet’s food to give them a healthier, shinier coat of fur.

7) Newspapers: Clean Windows and Mirrors
Instead of using a spray and a streaky cloth, use only newspaper to clean off your mirrors and windows for a streak-free finish.

8)Bleach: Extend Life of Flowers in Vase
Add a few drops of bleach to vase water to prevent the build-up of the slime caused by bacteria. It works just like chlorine in a swimming pool.

9) Honey: Remove Blemish Overnight
Have a blemish you need to get rid of by tomorrow? Put a dab of honey on the blemish and cover it up (it’s best to use a Band-Aid) and the honey’s natural antibacterial properties will clean out the bacteria by the morning.

10) WD-40: Remove Crayons from Walls
Use the lubricant and a cloth to remove stubborn crayon marks from the walls just by spraying the wall and wiping with a cloth.

11) Chalk: Keep Ants and Slugs Out of the House
Ants and Slugs Won’t Touch Chalk. So, simply draw a line in front of your doorway where you are having problems with these pesky critters and they won’t cross it, meaning they won’t be able to get into your house.

12) Tin Foil Ball: Replace Dryer Sheets Permanently
Instead of using a dryer sheet ball up one or a few sheets of tin foil and toss it in the dryer. It removes the static electricity from your clothes and one can last up to a year.

13) Mouthwash: Cure Athlete’s Foot
Pour mouthwash on cotton balls and then swab your feet. The alcohol will disinfect the bacteria completely if you continue this for a week or so.

14) Baking Soda: Clean BBQ Grill
Mix a cup of baking soda with half a cup water to make a paste. Dip your brush into the paste and scrub the grill. The caked on pieces and black residue will come off much quicker and using baking soda is much safer and cheaper than using cleaning chemicals.

15) Coffee Grounds: Fertilizer
Coffee is full of nutrients and vitamins that are very beneficial to soil. That’s why some people include it in compost piles. If you want to get the most out of your coffee, pour the grounds on areas where you want more grass or flowers.

16) Olive Oil: Shaving Cream
The smoothness of the oil can replace the need for shaving cream, and it also provides great moisture.

17) Two glasses of water: Cure Headache
Water is the cure to most common headaches. To make the headache go away quickly, drink two cups of water very quickly.

18) Lemons: Deodorize Garbage Disposal
Toss whole slices of lemon into the garbage disposal then run it. The acidity of the lemon will rid your sink of all odors and leave a fresh scent that usually lasts for a few months.

19) Alka Seltzer: Remove Burnt-On Grease and Food Stains
When letting your pots and pans soak, throw in one or two Alka Seltzer tablets and the caked on residue from cooking will come off easily when you scrub/wash.

20) Toothpaste: Remove Scratches from Glass
Apply toothpaste to scratch, then rub with a cloth until the scratch is gone. Make sure the glass is clean beforehand.

21) Cheerios: Relieve Pain from Poison Ivy, Chickenpox and Sunburns
Pound one to four cups of Cheerios into a powder and add to your bath to soothe your skin while you soak. You may not feel relief while in the tub, but you will soon after.

22) Whipped Cream: Remove Gum from Hair
There are many remedies for removing gum from hair, but this is a lesser known one. Give it a try rather than peanut butter the next time you’re in need.

23) Coke: Remove Oil Stains from the Driveway
Oil stains are very difficult to remove pavement, but one method guaranteed to work is Coke. The highly acidic drink will eat away at the oil until clean.

24) Salt: Cool Something Quickly
You know that feeling when you’re having a BBQ and someone asks for a drink and you realize that no one has put them in the cooler? There’s nothing worse than a warm drink on a hot day. Chill a drink quickly, by adding salt and water to your ice. The drinks will be cold in a matter of minutes; saving your party and making you look smart all at once.

25) Banana Peel: Whiten Teeth & Heal Most Skin Problems
This may sound a little odd, but rub the inside of a banana peel on your teeth twice a day for two weeks and you will receive the same effect from a teeth-whitening kit. Plus, you’ll save yourself money and the hassle of using chemicals. Bananas are the magical fruit, because they heal many common problems on the skin. By rubbing the peel on your skin, you can heal bruises and cuts and eliminate rashes, itching and warts. Basically if you have a common skin problem, it can be cured by this fruit.