Join Me July 4th, Free Warner Park Show & Fireworks In Woodland Hills!

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Here’s one of the past year’s fireworks show with 2 different views, up close, where you hear me with the crowd counting down to the fireworks kick-off, to another distant view in the park, below!

another one of the past year’s Warner Park, Woodland Hills fireworks show that someone captured on the cell phone! They’re quite a ways back in the park, but you can still hear the music in the background that the fireworks are coordinated with for a spectacular show!

DSC02182 Every year for the past 3 decades, I’ve been honored to be host for the West San Fernando Valley’s biggest free entertainment show and fireworks display! It started out at Pierce College, and when Pierce College could no longer be the site, former L.A. City Councilman Dennis Zine got together with Jim Kinsey, CEO, President & Director of Development for the Valley Cultural Center, who welcomed us to Warner Park where it’s been for well over a decade! This is what it looks like just before the show starts at 6 p.m., and by the time darkness sets in, the park is packed with over 50,000 spectators!

Charlie-Congressman-Brad-Sherman-L.A Congressman Brad Sherman, on the left, always back in town to salute the event, and in 2008, he surprised me with an American flag flown over our nation’s Capitol, a gift I really cherish, and on the right, former L.A. City Councilman Dennis Zine, who helped us move from Pierce College & continue the tradition of a great night of fun & fireworks! There’s plenty of food with all the vendors, lots of things to see & buy, and fantastic entertainment for the 3 hours leading up to the 9 o’clock fireworks! Come join us! Click on this link for directions to the park in Woodland Hills, CA in the San Fernando Valley!


Melissa McCarthy Joins The Elite Group Of Stars In Chinese Theatre Cement!

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Melissa McCarthy put aside poor reviews of her latest film “Tammy”, which opened in theaters yesterday, and joined the elite group of stars who put their hands & feet in cement at the TCL Chinese Theatre! “It’s like a crazy fever dream that I don’t want to wake up from. I never thought I would be here with my whole family and my friends and my little girls and I’m amazed and overwhelmed to be part of this history. When I first moved to LA 17 years ago one of the first things I did was come to this theatre to look at the handprints and the signatures and I remember thinking everyone’s feet were so small. All the actresses from the fifties and sixties had little baby feet and I never thought I would be here signing my name in the cement. It’s pretty remarkable.”


Emil & Daniel Rock “America’s Got Talent” With Cello “Purple Haze”!

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On “America’s Got Talent” the other night, Emil and & Dariel surprise the judges and audience by rocking out to the Jimi Hendrix classic “Purple Haze.” Check out their cool tribute to their grandfather!


Team USA Goalie Tim Howard’s 16 Saves, Best In World Cup In 50 Years!

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Team USA’s Goalie Tim Howard tried his best to help the USA beat Belgium and advance to the quarterfinals of the World Cup, but with the inexperienced defensive line that was playing in front of him, they let Belgium’s attackers through time & again, so much so, Tim Howard would up setting a World Cup record for saves with 16! Even the USA lost, it was one of the most remarkable goalie soccer performances you will ever see! Tim is easily one of the top 5 goalkeepers in the world today!

After losing the World Cup match to Belgium 2 to 1 in extra-time, Goalie Tim Howard reflects on the USA’s elimination!


USA Eliminated By Belgium 2-1 At The World Cup, But What’s Your Soccer IQ?

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Jimmy Kimmel sent his cameras out onto Hollywood Blvd and found people who claimed to be big fans of the US soccer team and asked them how they think Landon Donovan has been playing so far. If you follow soccer, you know that Landon Donovan was cut from the team in May before the World Cup even started. However that didn’t stop them from weighing in on his performance in this special World Cup edition of #LieWitnessNews!


4th Of July Weekend For Drivers,The Most Dangerous, Especially Texting!

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The 4th Of July holiday, and the days before and after it are some of the most dangerous driving days of the year! Even though, there are laws on the book about not texting while driving, and no talking on the cell phone, unless it’s hands free, which is a whole other issue, I still see dozens and dozens of people doing it everyday. I make a bet with myself, that every time I see a car stopped in traffic when they should be moving, weaving a bit on the road, frequent brake lights flashing, or not moving with the normal flow of traffic, that they’re on the phone, or now, more often than not, texting! If you’re one of those drivers, watch this video, because like the song says, “You’re not 10 feet tall & bulletproof”!


Everyday Household Items Can Have Hundreds Of Other Uses Too!

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My Favorite July 4th Celebrations include 1981 with Wolfman Jack!

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One of my favorite 4th of Julys was the 3 hour “live” concert telecast that Wolfman Jack & I hosted at the Queen Mary on July 5, 1981! This concert was part of a live simulcast on national television and radio entitled The Spirit of America Spectacular on July 5, 1981. It originated from the site where the Queen Mary is permanently docked in Long Beach, California. The show included performances by The Beach Boys, Three Dog Night, Pablo Cruise and Rick Springfield. Pictured below, I’m in the crowd of thousands of people who waited all day in the Queen Mary parking lot to see the show that started at 6 p.m., L.A. time!!

Below, I’m back on stage with Mike Love & the Beach Boys at the 1981 Queen Mary in Long Beach concert! The radio/TV simulcast featured all of the original Beach Boys, including Brian that night, and in my hand is a telegram from the White House that I had just finished reading congratulating the Beach Boys on their 20 years of making music!

Click on this link to the YouTube Video of Charlie in the crowd of 50,000 for the “live” 4th of July Broadcast!

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Team USA Takes On Belgium In World Cup Tuesday, 4 P.M. EDT/1 P.M. PDT!

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Team USA in the World Cup Soccer Showdown has survived the group of “Death” losing to 2nd ranked in the world, Germany, with a goal in the 2nd half, but holding their own overall in the game & actually looking better the more they realized they can play with anybody in the world! Portugal did manage a tie with Team USA with a last second goal, but Portugal did not advance, and they’re ranked 4th in the world. Next up is Belgium, who beat the U.S. in a recent friendly match 4-2, but this USA team has progressed quite a bit from their level of play back then. Tuesday will see just how far we’ve come! USA Goalie Tim Howard previews Tuesday’s match!


4th Of July Fireworks! How About A Birds Eye View For A Change This Year?

Posted by: | June 29 at 11:40 p.m.

Ready to watch all the fireworks this 4th of July? But where will you be watching them from, more likely than not from the ground! How about changing things up with the help of Jeremiah Warren, who flew a GoPro camera on a balloon above his fireworks display, and caught a rare and unique perspective of the colorful explosions that are rarely seen!


Clickbait! Never Heard Of It? I’ll Bet You’ve Been A Victim, Check It Out!

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You won’t believe what happens next….or will you.


Stephen Colbert, Proud Of Team USA In The World Cup, Losing To Advance:)

Posted by: | June 27 at 11:23 a.m.

World Cup Fever is everywhere as Team USA advances to the second round of 16 in Brazil, and will play Belgium this Tuesday! But is there something else going on beneath the surface of this soccer hysteria that has Colbert wondering:)