2015 Consumer Electronics Show Top 10 Best New Tech & Gadgets Unveiled!

Posted by: | Jan. 9 at 11:48 p.m.

Random Frank’s Top 10 gadget & tech picks from CES 2015, Check them out on the list below!
10. New Tony Hawk Pro Skater game (let me have my nostalgia)
9. Zboard 2 Electric Skateboard
8. DX Racer gaming table
7. Sling TV
6. Razer Forge TV
5. LG G Flex2
4. Oculus Rift Crescent Bay DK
3. WattUp Wireless Power Charger
2. Wearables
1. New TVs (OLED, Quantum Dot, Curved 4k & 8k)

Surprise, You Are A Father! How His Wife Told Him They’re Expecting!

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Over 8 million views in just 2 weeks as this video exploded virally just in the last week. These two love photo booths. A ton. It’s a tradition that they can track back to their first date. Now they can’t walk past a booth without stopping. But this time was different and he wasn’t expecting the surprise his wife had planned for him.

Nice Guys Finish Last? Not According To This Video, Take A Look, Guys!

Posted by: | Jan. 8 at 12:22 a.m.

This video proves Nice Guys Finish First, destroying the old myth. See for yourself!

Bill Gates Introduces Omniprocessor That Purifies Poo Into Water & More!

Posted by: | Jan. 7 at 11:19 p.m.

Bill Gates recently got to check out the Omniprocessor, an ingenious machine designed and built by Janicki Bioenergy, which turns human waste into water and electricity. In places without good waste treatment plants, it could be a real game-changer.

Jimmy Fallon Walks Down Memory Lane & His Date With Nicole Kidman!

Posted by: | Jan. 6 at 11:52 p.m.

Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman have two very different embarrassing memories of the afternoon they first met.

Take The Pig Personality Test & Be Amazed How Accurate It Really Is!

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Back by popular demand, have you ever taken the Pig Personality Test? Most people agree, it’s one of the more accurate personality tests they’ve ever taken. Since your handwriting reveals a lot to handwriting analysis experts, this takes it another step with how you draw….a pig! There’s even an online sketch pad & pencil once you click on the link, start drawing, and wait for your results! Have fun!!! P.S. It got me exactly right:) TO GET STARTED DRAWING, CLICK ON THIS LINK

Looking for New Year’s Resolutions for 2015? Try These, You’ll Be Fine!

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13 Things You Could Swear They Are True, But Surprise, None Of Them Are!

Posted by: | Jan. 5 at 5:45 p.m.

If you hear something often enough and share or repeat it with others, the information is interpreted as actually true! You never knew it wasn’t, until you watched this video! Go ahead, take a look, I dare you:)

Annual Consumer Electronics Show In Las Vegas January 6-9 Video Preview!

Posted by: | Jan. 5 at 12:19 p.m.

From the infotainment battle between Apple and Google to the next level in wearables, see the technologies that will go from the Consumer Electronics Show to a store near you.

Below is an in-depth discussion of just some of the thousands of products you’ll see at the 2015 annual Consumer Electronics Show with Lindsey Turrentine, VP & Editor-in-Chief of Reviews for CNET, and Brian Tong, Senior Editor & Host for CNET, as they sit with Gary Shapiro, President & CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, producers of the International CES, and discuss what’s coming to #CES2015 including trends, innovation and more!

ESPN Sports Anchor Stuart Scott Dead Sunday Morning From Cancer At 49!

Posted by: | Jan. 4 at 4:06 p.m.

Stuart Scott, a longtime anchor at ESPN, died Sunday morning at the age of 49. It was his 3rd bout fighting cancer that finally took him. He inspired his colleagues with his talent, his work ethic, his personality and his devotion to his daughters Taelor, 19, and Sydni, 15. This video of his ESPN sports legacy says it all!
Below, ESPN anchor Hannah Storm breaks down in tears over reporting Stuart Scott’s death Sunday morning!

For Parents Everywhere Who Have A New Elsa Doll In The Home, Let It Go!

Posted by: | Jan. 3 at 10:18 a.m.

I’m sure parents & their children everywhere who have seen the “Frozen” movie 6 zillion times by now, and have heard “Let It Go” more times than that may not want to hear it even one more time, but take a look at the little guy in this video and enjoy it all over again!

College Football Championship Game, Oregon & Ohio State, Watch Out!

Posted by: | Jan. 2 at 11:05 p.m.

I predicted the outcome of the first round of the first-ever college football playoffs, with Oregon & Ohio State advancing to the championship game on January 12th! Having watched both teams and their uptempo offenses, dominating defenses, and world class quarterbacks, albeit the 3rd string QB for Ohio State who could start on any college team in the country, and just may be the guy at Ohio State next year with the way he’s played in the 2 biggest games for the Buckeyes this year, the Big Ten championship, and leading Ohio State to in their upset of #1 seed Alabama.

You could see the confidence both teams brought to their playoff games, they knew they were going to win, and seeing that is why I picked them both for what I was calling ultimately would see them in the championship game, or as I termed it before they even got there, The “Oh”-“Oh” Bowl for Oregon & Ohio State! This past Thursday, 28.2 million viewers watched Oregon crush Florida State 59 to 20 in the Rose Bowl. Then 28.3 million tuned in as Ohio State put 28 straight point on the board, coming from 2 TD’s down to win 42 to 35 in the Sugar Bowl. So now, who will win the Championship game? It’s a tossup, but I believe it will be high-scoring, and may go 2 or 3 overtimes before it’s settled, with a slight edge to Oregon, but watch out for Ohio State who with their 3rd string QB improving every game, may just be at their very best and take it all. This game will be one of the best ever!