Ben Affleck Is Batman, But Who’s The Hollywood Star Who Will Be Next?

Posted by: | June 25 at 8:14 p.m.

Ben Affleck is Batman? WHO’S NEXT!?! Click play to find out:)


Paul McCartney Posts Personal Message On YouTube About Resuming His Tour!

Posted by: | June 25 at 1:40 a.m.

Paul McCartney is feeling great again with YouTube post and check out Paul’s air guitar playing as he talks about resuming his forthcoming US tour.


5th Anniversary, June 25th, Of Michael Jackson’s passing! Audio Memories!

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Commodores with their 2010 tribute to Michael on the anniversary of his passing!
14 year old Michael Jackson with Charlie Tuna in 1973, in Charlie’s Woodland Hills, California Studio, for Charlie’s first interview with Michael. Michael came alone that day with no entourage or publicity team, and notice the word “Love” on the front of his T-Shirt. That’s what Michael was all about from the beginning! Listen to a couple of clips of Charlie’s interview that day below

Charlie with Michael Jackson – Clip 1

Charlie with Michael Jackson – Clip 2


Former GMA Co-Host Joan Lunden Being Treated For Breast Cancer!

Posted by: | June 24 at 12:06 p.m.

Former “Good Morning America” co-host Joan Lunden revealed on Tuesday that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. “In the beginning it’s such a shock, it’s a stunner,” Lunden told Robin Roberts. “For me, I’m a health advocate, I’m all over America talking to women saying, ‘Make sure you get all of your checkups.’ In the beginning you almost feel like ‘What did I do wrong?’ I heard those words that every woman fears and that I never thought I’d hear: ‘you have breast cancer.’ “Lunden is now in “warrior mode” learning everything she can about the disease and is currently undergoing chemotherapy, she said.


Jimmy Kimmel’s Annual Belly Flop Competition Kicks Off Summertime!

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Jimmy Kimmel starts off every summer setting up an above-ground swimming pool behind his theater. Then pulls a group of confused pedestrians off the street, puts them in bathing suits and makes them compete in a belly flop contest. Those flops are judged by a celebrity panel, which this year features former Olympian Greg Louganis, Cheryl Burke from “Dancing With The Stars” and “Wipeout” host John Henson! Take a look!


Sam Smith’s How Will I Know Version Of Whitney Houston’s Hit Goes Viral!

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Sam Smith’s version of Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” is one of the hottest music videos out there right now headed for 3 million views in just a few days.


15 Year Old Invents A Smart Phone App That Is A Cool Working Stethoscope!

Posted by: | June 23 at 5:43 p.m.

15-year-old Suman Mulumudi, along with his father and cardiologist Mahesh Mulumudi, have developed a working stethoscope that is powered by your iPhone or Android smartphone. The iPhone fits into a case with a diaphragm — similar to that on a regular stethoscope — that captures the sounds of a beating heart. The sound is routed through a channel that directs it to the iPhone’s microphone. An associated app can then record the heartbeat sounds and display the individual heartbeats.”


Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver Takes On The Nutritional Supplement Biz!

Posted by: | June 22 at 11:10 p.m.

John Oliver outlines what, exactly is problematic about Dr. Oz and the nutrition supplement industry. Then he invites George R.R. Martin, Steve Buscemi, the Black and Gold Marching Elite, and some fake real housewives on the show to illustrate how to pander to an audience without hurting anyone.


Peanut, 2 Year Old Rescue Pup, Wins Annual Petaluma Ugliest Dog Contest!

Posted by: | June 22 at 1:09 a.m.

The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest was held over the weekend as part of the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California. The contest pits the world’s biggest canine eyesores against one another. This year’s winner is Peanut, a former shelter dog from Greenville, North Carolina. Peanut is a former animal abuse victim who sustained notable facial damage during a fire. After spending nine months in an animal shelter, the 2-year-old abused pooch was finally adopted by Holly Chandler back in July, 2013. According to Holly, Peanut lost both his lips and eyelids during the fire. Having no eyelids makes it impossible for him to close his eyes. This causes his eyes to water and the tears to run down his face and right into his nose!


Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie, Tells Story Where Show Biz Showed Everything!

Posted by: | June 21 at 10:54 p.m.

Edie Falco, the star of Nurse Jackie tells the story of when show business became showing your business on stage! It happened on Broadway when a technical error caused the lights to turn on while she was completely naked on stage during the Broadway play Frankie and Johnny.


Former Marine Performs Mind-Blowing Magic On America’s Got Talent Video!

Posted by: | June 20 at 4:23 a.m.

This former Marine turned “Ghetto Houdini” is a red-hot viral video with over 6 million views and counting since he first appeared on “America’s Got Talent a week and a half ago with his mind-blowing bar magic, including making Howie Mandel’s pen disappear up his nose!


Kevin Costner’s “Field Of Dreams” Still Lives On With Film’s 25th Anniversary!

Posted by: | June 19 at 12:48 p.m.

Movie lovers have been misquoting “Field of Dreams” for years. Nope, the mysterious voice in the sky did not tell Kevin Costner’s Ray Kinsella, “If you build it, they will come.” The voice said, “If you build it, he will come.” He. Just one guy, meaning Ray Kinsella’s departed father, John. Every year, thousands of fans of the iconic 1989 baseball film flock to the remote playing field in Dyersville, Iowa, where the movie was made. At a festival held at the site this past weekend to mark the film’s 25th anniversary, NBC’s Bob Costas caught up with Costner and co-stars Dwier Brown (John) and Timothy Busfield (who played Ray’s brother-in-law, Mark) for a look back. Costner, who attended the celebration with his family, said “Field of Dreams” remains deeply meaningful to him. “I get a chance to bring my three little kids here. It’s really good full circle for me that this movie lives so long,” he told Costas.