Dueling Piano Siblings, Playing “Let It Go” Backward/Forward, Frozen Fans!

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It’s gone over a million views so far, and this brother/sister act with big brother Jason Lyle Black joining his younger sister on the keyboard playing one of the music world’s favorites from this past year playing it not only the conventional forward way, but also both of them backwards too!


The Best Sermons Are Lived, Not Preached! 12 Inspirational Stories!

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1. Today, I interviewed my grandmother for part of a research paper I’m working on for my Psychology class. When I asked her to define success in her own words, she said, “Success is when you look back at your life and the memories make you smile.”

2. Today, I asked my mentor – a very successful business man in his 70’s- what his top 3 tips are for success. He smiled and said, “Read something no one else is reading, think something no one else is thinking, and do something no one else is doing.”

3. Today, after a 72 hour shift at the fire station, a woman ran up to me at the grocery store and gave me a hug. When I tensed up, she realized I didn’t recognize her. She let go with tears of joy in her eyes and the most sincere smile and said, “On 9-11-2001, you carried me out of the World Trade Center.”

4. Today, after I watched my dog get run over by a car, I sat on the side of the road holding him and crying. And just before he died, he licked the tears off my face.

5. Today at 7AM, I woke up feeling ill, but decided I needed the money, so I went into work. At 3PM I got laid off. On my drive home I got a flat tire. When I went into the trunk for the spare, it was flat too. A man in a BMW pulled over, gave me a ride, we chatted, and then he offered me a job. I start tomorrow.

6. Today, as my father, three brothers, and two sisters stood around my mother’s hospital bed, my mother uttered her last coherent words before she died. She simply said, “I feel so loved right now. We should have gotten together like this more often.”

7. Today, I kissed my dad on the forehead as he passed away in a small hospital bed. About 5 seconds after he passed, I realized it was the first time I had given him a kiss since I was a little boy.

8. Today, in the cutest voice, my 8-year-old daughter asked me to start recycling. I chuckled and asked, “Why?” She replied, “So you can help me save the planet.” I chuckled again and asked, “And why do you want to save the planet?” Because that’s where I keep all my stuff,” she said.

9. Today, when I witnessed a 27-year-old breast cancer patient laughing hysterically at her 2-year-old daughter’s antics, I suddenly realized that I need to stop complaining about my life and start celebrating it again.

10. Today, a boy in a wheelchair saw me desperately struggling on crutches with my broken leg and offered to carry my backpack and books for me. He helped me all the way across campus to my class and as he was leaving he said, “I hope you feel better soon.”

11. Today, I was feeling down because the results of a biopsy came back malignant. When I got home, I opened an e-mail that said, “Thinking of you today. If you need me, I’m a phone call away.” It was from a high school friend I hadn’t seen in 10 years.

12. Today, I was traveling in Kenya and I met a refugee from Zimbabwe. He said he hadn’t eaten anything in over 3 days and looked extremely skinny and unhealthy. Then my friend offered him the rest of the sandwich he was eating. The first thing the man said was, “We can share it.”

The best sermons are lived, not preached


Jimmy Kimmel’s LieWitness News Strikes Again With Fake Bands Names!

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Jimmy Kimmel went out onto the streets of South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, once again to ask people their opinions on a bunch of fake bands they made up. And even though all of these artists are completely fictional – that didn’t stop people from saying they love them in this SXSW 2015 Edition of #LieWitnessNews.

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Start Spring With Some 2nd Quarter Resolutions To Make Your Life Better!

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1770 Meets 1970’s In ThePianoGuys Jackson’s Version I Want You Bach!

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You’ve never heard arrangements, seen showmanship and style on keyboards & other instruments than ThePianoGuys. Take a look as remnants of Bach from the 1770s mingle with the Jackson 5 of the early 1970’s in a mix version of “I Want You Bach”!


Madonna Talks With Ellen About Her Fall At The Brit Awards & Her Career!

Posted by: | March 18 at 2:49 a.m.

Madonna explains her recent fall at the recent 2015 Brit Awards, the misperceptions about her career, and her daughter, Lourdes!


Bottle Boys Symphony Orchestra Spills Their Latest Hits Out, 6-Pack & All!

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Bottle Symphony Orchestra with their debut single on iTunes, Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”!

And an extra bonus of Dan Newbie with his version of the William Tell Overture!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day Tuesday! With A Little Irish Luck, You’ll Get A Card!

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Looking for a cute St. Patrick’s Day card to send someone? I found this interactive one online! Click on this link to start the fun in the forest!


Roman Atwood Teepees Friend Howie Mandel’s House While Howie’s Gone!

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With friends like Roman Atwood, who needs enemies. Roman with a big shootout to Howie Mandel for being such a great sport. Huge thanks to Alex Mandeland big thanks to everyone that came out and helped throw our arms out for this video :)


366,000 Targeted People Caught In A Huge Tax Scam With Fake IRS Agents!

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Fake IRS agents targeted more than 366,000 people with harassing phone calls demanding payments and threatening jail as part of a huge nationwide tax scam, and more than 3000 people fell for it and are victims! Timothy Camus, a Treasury deputy inspector general for tax administration, added that they have been duped out of a total of $15.5 million. People in every state have been targeted. he scam is so widespread that investigators believe there is more than one group of perpetrators, including some overseas.


President Obama Reads Mean Tweets On Jimmy Kimmel This Past Thursday!

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From time to time, Jimmy Kimmel gives celebrities a chance to read some of the mean things people tweet about them. He extended that same offer to our Commander in Chief, who happily agreed. This is an all President Obama edition of #MeanTweets.


Hollywood Awards Ed Harris A Star On The Walk Of Fame On Friday The 13th!

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Holly Hunter, Marcia Gay Harden and Amy Madigan attend Ed Harris’ star ceremony on the Walk of Fame.