Happy Father’s Day! This 30 second commercial I ran across says it all!

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Happy Father’s Day to all my fellow Dads! In our heart of hearts, the thing Dad’s are most proud of in their life is their children! Take all the fame, money, accolades, and accomplishments in our lives, and there’s nothing that brings more joy and a lump in the throat than your children! Hey, without them, we wouldn’t be part of that unique fraternity that we celebrate today, Father’s Day! This 30 second commercial I ran across says it all about what being a dad is all about, take a look!


Original Apple Computer Motherboard & Memo Sold For $400,000 Friday!

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Sotheby’s auctioned off one of the last remaining Apple I motherboards, which were sold in 1976 for $666.66, for $374,500; it was originally estimated to net up to $180,000. The motherboard came with an original Apple I manual, a programming guide, and a cassette interface sold as a $75 accessory. Only 200 of the computers were ever made, and Sotheby’s says that this motherboard one of six that still works among the 50 now known to exist. And a four-page memo written by Jobs sold for $27,500, almost twice the expected $15,000. The papers detailed how Jobs’ supervisor Stephen Bristow could improve Atari’s World Cup Football. Sotheby’s said that at least three people bid on the memo, and the motherboard’s sale escalated into a bidding war between two parties. Neither buyer has been revealed.


This Week’s Charlie Tuna Collection Of Favorite Videos & Photos: 6-15-12!

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Jimmy Kimmel is great with kid interviews & pranks, be it bad Christmas gifts, pretending that their Halloween candy was eaten, or in this case. his new Lie Detective #1 series. Using an obviously fake lie detector machine right out of a 1950′s sci-fi flick, Jimmy gives a unsuspecting boy a very fake lie detector test, buzzing the kid when he denies peeing in the pool, questions about school, and even loving puppies.

Those Darn Birds!

My caption for this picture on my facebook pages this past week was “This audience is not impressed by this flasher:)” Lot of comments on this post on my pages this past week, including “Got milk??”, “Udderly unimpressed”, “They’re looking at her like, “HAH! only TWO?”, “Cowabunga!!”, “That flasher will stay in their mammories forever!”

Your worst parking garage nightmare becomes reality when this poor woman has three accidents in less than 50′ and less than 3 minutes…and none of them involving anyone else. After receiving her entrance ticket for the parking garage, the driver accidentally accelerates & smashes into the side wall. But then continuing to accelerate, scraping & destroying her driver side car body until she smashes straight into a concrete wall! The car slowly rolled back, & the woman exited the car, shaken, but after reaching back into the car for something & leaving the car door open, the car started to roll back down the incline after seemingly being knocked out of park & scrapes down the side wall to an ultimate stop, but not without tearing the door off backwards.

This photo really hit a nerve this past week on my personal & fan facebook pages, maybe with the U.S. Open in San Francisco this weekend! My caption for the photo said simply “Shhh…Shhh! He’s Putting!” Comments ranged from “he’s burning up the course” to “he’s on fire”…to my favorite “‎”Fore!”…”Fire!”…it’s just one letter…”

The latest music fad is everyone to their own version of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”, and sure enough, it’s even gone to the dogs as Corgi Rae Jepsen takes on Carly’s hit “Call Me Maybe”!

My favorite words to live by from Horace Greeley: Fame Is A Vapor, Popularity An Accident, RIches Take WIngs, Only One Thing Endures And That Is Character!!! This facebook post this past week got a huge response with everyone commenting on it & sharing, including one observer who added “Character is how you behave when nobody’s watching.”

Did you know you’re at least my 50th cousin…seriously…take a look at this video as one of the Internet’s greatest nerds, VSauce, explains that if you traverse far back enough, we all share at least one distant cousin.

This photo-story had the biggest number of likes and shares on my facebook pages this past week which is why I called it appropriately “Semper Fi!”

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Father’s Day Weekend, and a video reminder to all dads from your kids!

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A gentle nudge to all Dad’s…..Remember, in kids’ eyes, the example you want to set is do as I do, not just do as I say! Remember, Dad I’m Watching You, like this video says!


Harry Chapin’s “Cats In The Cradle” with video images! Time to play, Dad?

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Paul Petersen singing his famous “My Dad” song, Happy Father’s Day!

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Paul Petersen sings “My Dad” on the Donna Reed Show back in 1962. I had a recent conversation with Paul about how this song on the show came to be, and Paul’s two son’s and daughter’s reaction today! Hear the story this weekend on my syndicated 70′s Show across the U.S. and Canada! Click on this link to the YouTube video of that Donna Reed Show scene!

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Ten Party/Bar Bets That You’ll Never Lose $$$! You Can Thank Me Later!

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Get your money out, and your bets ready! Ten party or bar bets you can’t lose. You’ve even got the point by point video instructions to watch right here how to pull them off! Have fun!!!


Los Angeles Kings Exorcise Devils 6-1, To Win The Stanley Cup After 45 Years!

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After a 45 year wait, the Los Angeles Kings are finally crowned NHL Champions with their first Stanley Cup on their Staples Center home ice casting out the New Jersey Devils 6-1! Kings’ goalie, Jonathan Quick, living up to his name with one of the greatest seasons by a goaltender in NHL history, awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy as the playoff MVP, allowing just 7 goals in 6 games in the Stanley Cup Final! Watch all the highlights and postgame celebration with Kings’ Coach Darryl Sutter and his champions!

Charlie with Luc Robitaille, Los Angeles Kings’ NHL Hall of Famer and L.A. Kings’ President Of Business Operations since 2007!


Robin Roberts, Good Morning America Host, Facing Another Health Battle!

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“Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts revealed on Monday that after beating breast cancer five years ago, she faces another health battle called myelodysplastic syndrome, or MDS. It’s a blood and bone marrow disease, linked to the cancer treatment that once saved her life. The 51-year-old broke the news on Monday morning’s show, “Sometimes, treatment for cancer can lead to other serious medical issues. And that’s what I’m facing right now,” she said. About 18,000 cases are diagnosed each year. Only a few hundred are caused by chemo or radiation. Sometimes cancer treatment can affect the DNA of blood-producing stem cells. Later, the fear is that it can turn into leukemia. Roberts begins pre-treatment chemotherapy to prepare for a bone marrow transplant later this year. Roberts’ older sister turned out to be a perfect match for her donor bone marrow.


“America’s Got Talent” Contestant Tim Poe Caught In A Tangled Web Of Lies!

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Tim Poe, the “America’s Got Talent” contestant under fire for lying about his military injuries apologized over the weekend, saying he didn’t realize he was lying. “It’s the truth that I truly think is real, and that’s a horrible thing because I don’t know,” Sgt. Timothy Poe told ABC affiliate WFAA-TV in Dallas before he broke down in tears. Last week, Poe won the audience’s and judges’ hearts when he told them a story about a brain injury he received in the line of duty in Afghanistan. “My career was ended in 2009,” he said. “I had got hit by a grenade in Afghanistan, and it broke my back and gave me a brain injury, and so that’s why I stutter a little bit”, a claim refuted by his recently divorced wife who split from him in April, and fellow veterans who served with him in the month he was in Afghanistan who angrily declared nothing like that ever happened, plus the photo he submitted of himself in military battle garb was that of another soldier!


A High School Commencement Speech That Gives Graduates A Reality Dose!

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Breaking away from the norm of the ‘everyone is a winner’ mentality, Mr. David McCullough took a different approach. As commencement speaker, he gave the graduating class of Wellesley High School a big spoonful of reality, with no sugar on the side. His main message theme: “You’re not special, you’re not exceptional.”


This Week’s Charlie Tuna Collection Of Favorite Videos & Photos: 6-8-12!

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Mister Rogers auto-tuned for “The Garden Of Your Mind”, by Symphony of Science’s John Boswell for PBS Digital Studios.Turned out that he is a huge Mister Rogers Neighborhood fan, and was thrilled at the chance to pay tribute to one of our heroes. Both PBS and the Fred Rogers Company hope you like John’s celebration of Fred Rogers’ new remixed message.

Huge hit on my personal & fan facebook pages, Nature’s Original Version of “Junk In The Trunk” got comments ranging from “I want to know what’s on the other side” to “Is that a Kardashian Tree” & still others thinking I went out on a limb for this one! LOL

The Beatles “Abbey Road” album cover finally brought to life!

Beatle’s “Abbey Road” outtakes! The photos they didn’t choose to use for the album cover!

Another monster comment reaction on my facebook pages, this picture I captioned “Why teachers should always emphasize spelling, no matter what subject they teach:)”

Here’s your cute video of the week! Hamlet, the Mini-Pig, is coaxed down the stairs with oatmeal and then dives into the bowl from the last step. Headed toward 2 million views at last count!

This “Angry Office Chair” caused a lot of fear on my facebook pages! Hey, it just might make a great horror movie plot!

Saw “The Social Network”? You’ll love this!

And finally, a sign that in my high school journalism class, this would have been a classic example of “burying the lead”:)