Gangnam Style Is Everywhere, From Halloween Houses To Dancing Robots!

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A Halloween light display on one Virginia home is uses the exploding “Gangnam Style” song set to twinkling lights as views on YouTube approach a million! The Leesburg, Virginia house features 8,500 bulbs with jack-o-lantern-like faces singing PSY’s “Gangnam Style”. Brandon Bullis set up the light display for his 3 children, ages 6, 10, & 12. It took about a year for Bullis to prepare the display with the help of computer programming from Light-O-Rama, & he didn’t decide to play “Gangnam Style” until recently. The house showcases a total of 13 songs and animations, including “Ghostbusters,” ”Monster Mash” & Marilyn Manson’s “This is Halloween.”

Meanwhile, CHARLI, the United States’ first full-size, autonomous humanoid robot. An alternate version of CHARLI, CHARLI-2, will be used by the U.S. Navy to fight fires and protect humans from other dangers. This 5-foot robot is also able to keep itself upright and even pick itself up again when it falls over. And before CHARLI-2 heads off to meet his new human shipmates in Virginia, CHARLI-2 has decided to bust a move to the music of Korea’s newest superstar, Psy. That’s right, a robot is dancing like a human who is dancing like a horse!


Couple Of Scary Halloween Tricks Or Treats With Elevators & Graveyards!

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Halloween Trick Or Treat! As part of a promotional stunt, a technology company terrifies office workers by making it look and sound like the elevator floor was giving way beneath them with the LG’s new IPS monitors. Add the sounds of creaking, scraping metal, and the effect is enough to make someone take the stairs forever:)

Scary time of year, and another video from American violinist Lindsey Stirling with “Moon Trance”, with an obvious nod to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, from Lindsey who’s also a dancer, performance artist, and composer. She presents choreographed violin performances, both live and in music videos,


No 2012 Halloween For The LMFAO Party Rock Anthem House This Year!

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Here’s your house you wanted to go to for trick or treats in Riverside, California, the Halloween Light Show – Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. 4 singing pumpkin faces, tombstones, hand carved pumpkins, strobes, floods and thousands of lights, but the party isn’t rockin’ this year! Kevin Judd made his home an attraction for thousands from across the country who flocked to the house for the daily light show in the weeks preceding Halloween 2011. But this year, the party was shut down by an angry neighborhood Homeowners Association. Kevin Judd and his family were disappointed,”They didn’t even give me a chance to work it out with them and with my neighbors. We just got a letter in the mail addressed to the whole community outlining a new set of holiday rules that basically shut us down.”


It’s Halloween Time, that means my favorite addictive game, Cat Bowling!

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It’s my annual obsessive pastime! CAT BOWLING, MY FAVORITE HALLOWEEN GAME IS BACK!!! Don’t worry, no real kitties are harmed in this animated addiction:) Just Click on this link to load the card and get started!

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Every Halloween, There’s A New Paranormal Activity Move, Here’s #4!

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Want To Create Your Own Halloween Scary Stuff? Take old toilet paper rolls & cut out eyes in them. Then place glow sticks in them, and then place them in random bushes at night, and freak out the people passing by:)



$30.5 Mega Millions Lottery Winner After GF Just Broke Up With Him:)

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Sandeep “Sunny” Singh, 22, of Hyannis, Massachusetts claims the $30.5 million jackpot prize that he won in the Tuesday, October 16, 2012 Mega Millions drawing! And he told reporters girlfriend has just broke up with him before he hit the jackpot, and even though he was hurt by that, he now hopes she doesn’t call him. By the way, he won with a quick pick!


Lance Armstrong Speaks At LiveStrong Foundation’s 15th Anniversary Event!

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7-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong spoke to supporters of his cancer-fighting charity Friday night in Austin, Texas, saying he has been through a ‘difficult couple of weeks’. Armstrong urged people to stand behind its mission in his opening remarks at Livestrong’s 15th anniversary celebration at the Austin Convention Center in Texas! Armstrong acknowledged. “When people ask how I’m doing, I say ‘I’ve been better, but I’ve also been worse.’” Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles by the US Anti-Doping Agency in August, & banned from cycling for life after the USADA released over 1,000 pages of evidence supporting their decisions to strip and ban him. Nike, which stood by Armstrong during his cycling career, endorsing him, and supporting Livestrong, officially dropped him last Wednesday & several other companies followed their lead and cut ties with the the former cyclist champion.


This Week’s Charlie Tuna Collection Of Favorite Videos & Photos: 10-20-12!

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Jimmy Kimmel asks – Did You Feel the Earthquake? Jimmy may have a new regular feature on his late night show “Lie Witness News” because he’s found if you put someone in front of a camera and ask them about an event that never happened, they become liars just to make the TV newsreel! Recent poll questions about watching the 2nd presidential debate which hadn’t even happened yet, and a first lady debate which never happened brought hilarious responses. Now after millions of Americans took part in the national annual “Great ShakeOut” drill to prepare for the next great quake this past Thursday morning from San Francisco to Washington, D.C., Jimmy couldn’t resist asking if they felt the non-existent earthquake!

The Story Of The Best Halloween Costume Ever:)

The 2nd Presidential Debate autotuned! Obama and Romney join the would-be motown band, Crowley and the Town Hallians, for this one:)

Sweet Seasons!

AmboseliTrust this past week, rescued this young eight month old elephant calf. Luckily the report came in early in the morning and they were able to get there quick before the mother was forced to leave by herders arriving to water their cattle. It was a happy ending as we were able to reunite the calf with her mother, Zombe. It was almost like the scene of the Disney classic “Dumbo” with the mother elephant rocking her baby Dumbo with her trunk stuck through the bars of her circus cage. The Amboseli Trust gladly accepts donations to help them elephant-proof wells so this doesn’t happen, and they remind everyone, don’t buy ivory, the poachers who roam these plains are the worst!

Just like they’ve always said, “All Dogs Go To Heaven”:)

If you’re going to jump into a frozen pool, make sure the ice is thin and you’re very heavy:)

This was the most popular facebook post on both my personal & fan pages this past week titled “Unnecessary Signs”!

Sometimes when you’re waiting for a pedestrian in a crosswalk, isn’t this the image you really see in front of you?

And For Your Final Test Today, my 2nd most popular facebook post this week:)


Trick Or Treat! Here’s Your Hottest Halloween Costumes For 2012!

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This year’s most popular adult Halloween costume is sexy Big Bird, but because of copyright restrictions from Sesame Street, you probably won’t find it being sold that way. Yandy has labeled the costume “exclusive yellow dress and stockings” but floppy bird feet attached to the stockings’ ankles might give lawyers some questions. Eyes & beak head mask are being sold separately. To check out the others, click on the video!


Another interactive Halloween Card! Scary but cute, let your kids play!

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Listener David Hatchel sends along the link to another very scary, but cute interactive Halloween card! Have your kids try this one too! Just Click on this link to load the card and get started!

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Get in the Halloween spirit, click on this interactive Jacquie Lawson card!

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Listener David Hatchel sent along this interactive Jacquie Lawson animated flash Halloween ecard that will get you in the mood for this spooky time of year. Click here to get started with all the fun!

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Heaven Is Real! A Doctor In A Coma Experiences With The Afterlife!

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In the cover story of this week’s Newsweek magazine, Dr. Eben Alexander was one of those doctors who believed that Near Death Experiences were nothing more than the neurological response of a brain under stress…Until he had one himself! Dr. Alexander recounts the extraordinary discoveries he made while in a life-threatening coma—discoveries that shattered his long-held notions about the brain, consciousness and God. Dr. Alexander reconstructs what transpired in the hospital during that week, recounting his otherworldly experience. Even though his neocortex—the part of the brain that controls thought, emotion and language, which scientists like Alexander had believed was responsible for generating near-death experiences—was completely shut down by infection, he embarked on a vivid journey in the company of a guardian spirit. He rode with her on the wings of a butterfly through the seemingly fantastical layers of another realm, & encountered and communicated with a supremely powerful, loving Divine force he is sure was God. Meanwhile, Dr. Alexander’s family and doctors were holding vigil at his bedside & began to weigh the possibility of stopping treatment. Then, on the seventh day of his coma and to the surprise of everyone, Dr. Alexander’s eyes fluttered open. He had come back!