Dancing With The Stars Season 18 Cast Revealed On Tuesday Morning’s GMA!

Dancing With The Stars back with Season 18 beginning St. Patrick’s Day, March 17! Frontrunners will be the Gold Medal Olympic ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White, direct from the Sochi Olympics! A couple of more athletes in the competition include Sean Avery, former NHL player who has also worked in fashion and as a model and restaurateur, & Amy Purdy, a former Amazing Race contestant and U.S. Paralympic snowboarder who, at 19, had both legs amputated below the knee. She will be the first paralympian to compete on DWTS. 80s television comes to life with The Wonder Years star Danica McKellar facing off against Full House actress Candace Cameron Bure. Comedian-turned game show host Drew Carey will show off his Price is Right dance skills against swimming legend Diana Nyad, acting (and advertising) great Billy Dee Williams and former Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star/actress NeNe Leakes. SEason 18 also features two teens, Australian teen pop singer Cody Simpson, and Big Time Rush actor-singer James Maslow of Nickelodeon fame. The new season of Dancing with the Stars also spotlights Erin Andrews as the new co-host along with Tom Bergeron.

Letterman Interviews Super Bowl QB Champ Russell Wilson On Hawks Win!

Russell Wilson explains the mindset of the Seattle Seahawks going into the game, especially their defense, any how they stopped Denver MVP Peyton Manning! And below talks about his dad who gave him in mantra “Why not me”!

Breaking “Fiscal Cliff” News Monday With The View From Both Parties!

From: Dave Grudt

Charlie,  Sending this too you just in case you might no have seen it.  I am a close person friend of “Shotgun Tom”.
David Grudt
Long Beach, CA

by Claude Hall

July 12, 2010

Charlie Tuna was once one of America’s best 25 radio personalities…and may still be. He may have been in the top 10 when I interviewed him for Billboard magazine. For years, I met radio personalities who told me that they still carried a copy of that interview with Charlie Tuna in their hip pocket. Radio personalities would fly into Los Angeles just to listen to his show, but this was common as well with such as Dan Ingram in New York City. And when I interviewed Bill Stewart atop 9000 Sunset in that restaurant that once was, he had Paxton Mills with him…not to sit in on the interview, but so he could listen to Charlie Tuna earlier that morning. I mean, Charlie Tuna was something else! His stations, by the time of this drawing, included KHJ, Los Angeles; KHTZ, Los Angeles; KCBQ, San Diego. This is the man who was turned out at WMEX in Boston because he couldn’t think of anything to say off the top of his head that was funny about the St. Charles River. His line to me when I did the interview: “Guess I should have said that I’d just come from a walk on the river.” I lost the drawing when I moved from teaching at the State University of New York at Brockport. You know how it is when you move. Things are chaotic. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I received an email from someone trying to track me down for Cathy O’Brien. It turned out that Cathy, once departmental secretary for the Department of Communications at SUNY/Brockport, had a couple of framed drawings that belonged to me. Did I want them? I said yes and they arrived a day or so ago with a note. One of the drawings, you see here. It was drawn by Chuck Blore, circa 1979. So, this drawing was missing in action for more than 30 years! My thanks, Cathy (who, by the way, was without question one of the best departmental secretaries at any university in America).

NOTE TO DAVID: Not quite sure what Claude meant by “I was turned out by WMEX in Boston”….Truth be told I had to buy my way out of new 3 year contract I had just signed with them, because the then manager was one of all time weasels of radio, ask my friend Larry Lujack of WLS fame in Chicago.

The manager actually impersonated him when he told the switchboard operator that any call from Chicago for Larry (who was working at WMEX too, at the time) should be directed to him, where he turned down the offer, disguising his voice as Larry. Larry found out about it, and bought his way of his contract just before I did. He went to WCFL in Chicago, and I got the offer to join the #1 station in the country at the time, 93/KHJ in Los Angeles.

Best money I ever spent, buying my way out of WMEX in Boston.

Kearney, NE – “Ricky Nelson Remembered” July 15th. 2010

From: Ken Purdy

Just was listening to your show on Power 99 this morning (do every Sunday morning) and heard the plug for the above show. I actually was getting ready to send you an email since your were mentioning the 25th. anniversary of Ricky Nelson’s death. Also enjoyed your comments on the Merryman Performing Arts Center and especially your reference to it being Kearney’s junior high. Great to hear you on our local radio and plugging good ol’ Kearney. Have a great day!

Ken Purdy (class of 63

Mike Douglas Show

From: Victoria Turner

Hi Charlie:

My name is Victoria Turner and I remember watching the Mike Douglas Show on television when I came home from school. I know you were the lead announcer on his show for many, many years and I wonder if you recall Chaka Khan making an appearance and singing an old jazz classic (whose name I cannot remember) at the very end of the show. I seem to remember her singing acapella and the audience falling into a hushed silence. Am I on track or am I thinking of someone else?


Victoria Turner

NOTE TO VICTORIA: I’m not sure because of the hundreds of shows I got to work with Mike Douglas on, but that sounds like something that probably did happen! There were so many highlights with so many great stars on Mike’s Show, It’s hard to remember all of them!

Charlie Tuna’s Song!!

From: Nico Marino

Hey Charlie,

Recently new listener here from Connecticut, I now always catch your show on 102.9 WDRC FM when im at work on the weekend.

I was going through my music the other day and found that someone made a song, basically about you, with you in it! It’s a bit new age, so I don’t know if your style, but its got a great beat at least.

Figure id attach it and send it your way, so enjoy!

Best regards and catch you Sunday at 6PM as always!

-Nico M.

NOTE TO NICO: Yes, I’m very aware of it! I even had Chali 2na from Jurrasic 5 in my studio to talk about it and where they found my voice recording to use. Eventually the record company did contact me and asked if I would sign a release so they could “sample” my voice in the recording around 2006 before it came out!

The english language

From: Glen Bennington


Could you post the bit you did on the English language on your web site or the station web site? It was great.


Still listening from Wichita,


NOTE TO GLENN: It’s in the “CLIPS” section now! English: The Most Difficult Language In The World! Charlie’s Exhibit A!

Please send info

From: Jane

Dear Mr. Tuna,

I am an 18 wheel truck driver. I heard part of your show the other night and enjoyed it. You spoke of a legitimate work at home business but I soon lost the radio signal. Could you tell me what that is? I am sick and tired of never having time at home to do more than the work I don’t get done when I’m on the road.



NOTE TO JANE: The site is called “INCOME AT HOME”…if you go to the home page of my website at http://charlietuna.com , click on their banner near the top of my home page, and it will take you to where you sign up for their program. Hundreds of my listeners have done it already, and seem very happy about it!

Any problems or questions you have getting signed up, please let me know and we’ll fix it! Good luck, and much success to you in the future for a happy life ahead!

Princess Sophia

From: Jaylene Valentine


I saw the photo for Sophia it is very cute. I gave you the incorrect facebook address for Sophia. Adventures of Princess Sophia. It was a pleasure to meet you, I have truly been a follower of your radio career for a long time.

I also have a dog business for Sophia. www.princessophiacouture.com. When you do add another dog to become a member of your family. Please visit my website for any of your pups needs.

Thank you for your time.

Woofley Yours,

Jaylene L. Valentine
Princess Sophia

NOTE TO LISTENERS AND WEBSITE FOLLOWERS: Sophia was one of the many pets of people who stopped by my broadcast booth on the Huntington Beach pier over the 4th of July to say hi (well, her owner did, I’m sure Sophia would have if she could speak our language), but she’s definitely a cutie who loves the camera and the camera loves her!